was founded in 2003 by fish in Taiwan with the goal of producing high-quality software at an affordable price for everyone. 由 fish 於 2003 年在台灣成立, 其目標是以每個人都可以負擔的價格生產高品質的軟體.
Database .NET, dbMigration .NET, Library .NET Lite, Capture .NET Lite, Dictionary .NET, Convert .NET, Vocabulary .NET and Resource .NET
are provided as freeware for personal use. In these cases, you are granted the right to use these programs free of charge.
However, for business, government or academic work, a commercial use license is required.
您可以在個人環境上免費使用, 除此之外在商業、政府或學術上工作, 商業授權都是必需的. (EULA)
International users
Payments can be made through PayPal, credit card, or bank account
PayPal 除了 英文 介面外, 也支持 (點選後至右上角下拉選擇中文)語言介面顯示


Taiwan users 台灣用戶 
有關商業授權事宜不清楚之處, 均歡迎來信詢問If you have questions about commercial license, please contact
E-Mail: fishcodelib@gmail.com
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